The Campfire Metaverse, a passive-income generating hub & venture, powered by a treasury & NFT ecosystem.

Journey with Campfire Metaverse as we create a safe, fun, and lucrative place to invest and earn high & extremely-passive income rewards (averaging 10,000% APR), powered by our treasury & utilities, all while resting by the $CAMPFIRE.

Contract Address: 0x286A93b7811e674D27Bc05eD546BB85A7E6043Eb.
Stake & Rest vesCAMPFIRE
vesCAMPFIRE stands for voting escrow & shares CAMPFIRE. It's a key component of the Campfire Metaverse. In short, it's a way to lock up your stake in $Campfire, so you can earn interest on it while claiming your shares and voting rights of the Campfire treasury.
High Passive Income Generation
As the treasury generates yield, holders of vesCAMPFIRE receive treasury dividends. The treasury expands from many different income vectors using our DeFi utilities, and is actively managed to ensure the highest passive returns for vesCAMPFIRE holders.
NFT Augmented DeFi Protocols
Enjoying our DeFi? Good, it's about to get even better. All our DeFi protocols will be NFT 'augmentable', allowing for even more modularity and earning strategies. For example, complete a quest using your Smokey NFT and earn increased liquidity mining rewards.

What's new?

The Campfire development team is working hard to build the decentralized applications that will form the Campfire metaverse. Take a look at a few of our upcoming projects.
NFT Metaverse
Pyromaniac Camp is our NFT Metaverse game that utilizes $CAMPFIRE
  • Adventures, Quests, & Dungeons
  • Own, Rent, & Build On Land
  • Play & Earn $CAMPFIRE
  • GameFi & DeFi
  • Unlock Your Locked $CAMPFIRE
  • Campfire Ecosystem Integration
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Liquidity Mining
Our liquidity mining program features a unique & sustainable design
  • Locking Schedule
  • Augment Yield with NFTs
  • Earn Passive $CAMPFIRE
  • High Sustainable Yields
  • Incentivizes Early Adopters
  • Integration with NFTs
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Treasury asset accumulation
The treasury is the backbone of the Campfire ecosystem. The treasury is essentially liquidity engine that will power many of the utilities that Campfire has to offer. It will be fueled by a number of sources, such as platform usage fees, but primarily through the sale of bonds. It's designed to constantly grow, meaning that the value of the $CAMPFIRE token will grow along with it.
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Treasury asset deployment
Unlike OHM-DAO, the treasury assets main function is to efficiently deploy funds into high-yield investment opportunities and not to back or stabilize the Campfire token. Many investments will be done through Campfire's DeFi protocols as its advantageous for all; the treasury, investors, and Campfire ecosystem. This will create a virtuous cycle where the treasury grows, the Campfire token appreciates, and investors earn ever higher passive income.
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Receive dividends and govern together
As a staker and holder of vesCAMPFIRE, you are entitled to receive treasury dividends. Staking is the primary investment strategy in Campfire as it offers the highest returns, and is a long term passive play. In addition, you are also able to vote on proposals that will affect the Campfire Metaverse as a whole. This gives you a say in how the Campfire ecosystem develops, treasury expands, and ensures that your interests are always represented.

Our experts.

Zayn Habib
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Mo Al-Khalifa
Chief Marketing Officer
William Liu
Chief Technology Officer
Blockchain Consultant
Omar B

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